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Monday, September 09, 2002

Use As Intended Only

About two months ago I received a batch of 3 different posters to hang up at work. I got about 50 of each in cardboard tubes. (they echo well when you shout through them) That's enough for a 5-story office. We are a mere 1 story building, an office ranch if you will.

I brought the extras home to give them away, or start campfires and grills, I don't really know.

My roomate came up with bright idea of coloring the blank sides. Instant homemade posters. He requested markers and pens and such, and I obliged him. (Did I use that word correctly?)

Now we have posters covered in what appears to be the following: an elementary school drawing of somebody shitting on a cake, Cartman from South Park, a junior high sketch of an naked elderly woman, a stick figure eating 3D poo, a wad of bathroom tissue soaked in red ink and glued on to represent a used maxi, a mouse crawling up a butt, several disembodied pussies, (all very hairy, like hippie rodents) and an undecipherable mess captioned as "chinese gangbang". You get the idea.

Him and a friend took down a U2 poster to hang one of these.I was astounded. I was not amused. The roomie does not understand why I dislike these brilliant works of sophisticated humor. He's 22, by the way. All of our friends are in the same age range. Most of them like the new posters too.

What is wrong with them? I still laugh at the occasional good fart, but that's as far as it goes. We're smarter, more mature, and more imaginative than this, right? Right?
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